EZ WordPress SEO - How To Make Your WordPress Site SEO Friendly!

Within This Brand New 8-Part Video Training Course You'll...

Learn How To Easily Rank Your WordPress Site Consistently On Popular Search Engines Using Long Term Methods That Stand The Test Of Time!

In this step-by-step video training course, you'll watch as I show you exactly how to ensure your site stays in Google’s top 10 results.

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From: Jason Oickle
Dear Business Owners,

Have you ever tried to rank your site in Google or other popular search engines, only to find yourself jumping around from the top 10 to the top 50?

It's Frustrating, Until You Really Get The Basics

There is actually a reason behind this, but do you want to know how to simply rank your website correctly and consistently at the top of the search engines?

Beleive it or not, there's a huge amount of free traffic available to those who are willing to work for it.

But Work Alone Isn't Going To Get You Anywhere

The reality of it all is that your website's ranking can be affected overnight due to any of the recent Google search engine algorithm updates, or any future change too.

The truth is that you never know when it will happen, and this creates a feeling of uncertainty.

Building your business on top of uncertainty is never a good feeling.


This Is Why A Lot Of People Are Afraid

Now, there are two main parts when it comes to driving traffic with the search engines.

First of all there is on-page optimization, which basically means how you will make your website more search engine friendly so they know exactly what your website is all about.

Second is off-page optimization, and these things include social backlinks of all types along with high authority sites linking to you.

While many things change, come and go...

Some Strategies Actually Stay More Consistent

So, because these two topics are very extensive and often extremely expensive to learn, in this video training it's my goal to help give you the fundamentals and basics that don't change very often.

What are the things you need to do and keep doing over and over again?

What Will Work For Years To Come?

That’s really the main question...

Now as you've probably assumed, we're going to be using the WordPress content management system. This is because it will actually help you get a site up and running, and get it optimized as quickly and easily as possible.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get In This Special PLR Offer

EZ WordPress SEO
8 Part Video Course With Full PLR!

EZ WordPress SEO - How To Make Your WordPress Site SEO Friendly!

This Step-By-Step Video Training Series Shows You How To Make Your WordPress Sites More SEO Friendly!

You'll learn strategies you can use to finally rank your sites high in the search engine results, even if you're a complete newbie, and it won't even take up much of your time!

The best part is, all the videos are completely white labeled. There is no branding in the videos at all, which it makes it easy for you to customize them for your own brand!

Here's A Complete Breakdown Of This Video Training Series:

Video 1: Introduction and Overview

In this particular video, you'll be given a quick overview of the course. We'll discuss how to get into the right mindset before you get started so that things will come more naturally and you will be able to get better, more consistent search engine rankings in the future.

We'll also cover tools that you can use to dramatically help you in this process.

Video 2: What's the Intent of a Keyword?

Before you go out and try to simply grab a bunch of keywords, you really need to get down to the basics. Different keywords can mean different things, and not understanding where your buyer is in the process can set you up for failure.

Video 3: Getting Keywords and Understanding LSI

After you have understood the intent, it's time find keywords. Plus, you'll need to understand the basics of LSI. But we're not using the Google Keyword Planner for this. Instead, we are going to use something else - something much more effective.

Video 4: On-Page Optimization Basics

Once you have understood LSI and gotten your keywords, it's time to understand how on-page optimization works. URL structures. Your domain name. Should you use brand names or keyword names? Which things stay consistent? Which things change that you need to be aware of?

The bottom line is that if you know what stays consistent and you just keep implementing them over and over again, this will truly change your ranking for the better.

Video 5: WordPress On-Page Optimization

Everything discussed in Video #4 will be implemented here. Of course, the goal is for you to learn and implement. We'll discuss URL structuring, categories, and site structure.

Video 6: Creating LSI Content

A site without content is nothing. You need content. So how should you write your articles or blog content to ensure they are SEO optimized?

Video 7: On-Page Consistency via Plugins

What WordPress plugins should you use? What settings should you use? While we have tested several different plugins, we have gotten better results with some over others. There's more on that in this video.

Video 8: Authority Backlinks

As promised, we will use a small portion of the course to cover backlinks as they are still a pretty important ranking strategy. What types of backlinks should you focus on or avoid? Why is Trust Flow important? What tools can you use to detect this? And much more is covered in this video.

Here's What You're Getting In This Exclusive PLR Package:

Unbranded PLR Videos

We do NOT put any branded intro screens on our videos, unlike other similar PLR videos. This means you don't have to do any extra work to rebrand the videos with your details. You can even instantly upload the video sets to your web server as is and start selling immediately!

Professional Sales Letter

Included is a professionally written sales letter so you can set up the mini site in minutes, and sell the package of videos using your own web server. All while keeping 100% of the profits!

Mini-Site Graphics Design

You'll also get a professional set of header, footer and product graphics which you can use along with the killer sales letter that's included. You also get the PSD's to these professional designer quality graphics!

Transcripts & Mp3's

Yes, you'll even get the original transcripts & mp3 audio files. This allows you to completely drill right down into the videos so you can edit them anyway you like. You'll easily get far more sales if you make them truly 100% unique to you and your brand!

This Is A True Done-For-You Private Label Rights Video Package That's Going To Sell Very Well For You!

This is completely authentic ready-to-go product that you can get sales for within the NEXT hour. Considering you've got everything you need at your fingertips - It's a true done-for-you product that can make you bank FAST.

That's a rare opportunity, and you need to dive in and grab it with both hands.

But if you're still not convinced yet, then here's...

20 Ways You Can Make Money From This PLR Package:
  • Add the videos to your paid membership site
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  • Use as a bonus for your affiliate offers
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  • Create lessons for your coaching
  • Sell the videos as backend offers
  • Use videos to build a huge list
  • Create a podcast episode series
  • Use content for your newsletters
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  • Sell the videos in DVDs
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  • Sell it with basic rights, or master resale rights
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  • Convert the content into regular blog posts
  • Create viral giveaways on Facebook
  • Apply the info you learn to other PLR offers

As you can imagine, there are many other ways you can use this product as well. However I realize your time is limited and you'd like to get started making money with this product right away!

So, with all that said....

EZ WordPress SEO - How To Make Your WordPress Site SEO Friendly!

Grab This PLR Video Training Series Now And Learn How To Make Your WordPress Sites More SEO Friendly!

You will gain access to in-depth videos about tried and tested SEO ranking strategies. They show you how to start correctly from the get-go, with the right frame of mind!

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  • Transcripts & Mp3's Of The Videos

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Jason Oickle

P.S. If you want to learn how to get free traffic from the search engines, but you don't know where to start, then this is the training course for you!

P.P.S. Have you tried other Search Engine Ranking tutorials before and had little to no success? Unless you take drastic action right now, nothing is ever going to change. Don't wait any longer!

Everything taught here is all based on real experience - there's no theory or guesswork involved. You'll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to apply the techniques found in these videos!

Private Label Rights Terms and Conditions:


  • [YES] You Can Edit & Rebrand The Videos
  • [YES] Can Sell This Product
  • [YES] Can Sell the Resale Rights (If Rebranded)
  • [YES] Can Be Packaged with Other Paid Products
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  • You CANNOT Sell Private Label Rights
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