EZ WordPress Gutenberg - The Easy Way To Use WordPress Gutenberg

With This Brand New 9-Part Video Course With PLR You'll...

Easily Get Over The Learning Curve So You Can Learn To Use The WordPress Gutenberg Editor Like A Pro, Even If You're A Complete Newbie!

This 9-part video training course was designed for you to watch over my shoulder and understand how to use the WordPress Gutenberg Editor in more depth, even if you've never used WordPress before!

Watch The Video To Learn What This Course Is All About:

From: Jason Oickle
Dear Website Owners,

You're probably aware that most websites now use the WordPress platform to run and maintain their websites.

You're Most Likely Using It Now

Recently WordPress made a major overhaul of their editor. It went from the 'Classic Editor' to what they have coined as the 'Gutenberg Editor'.

But here's the problem. If you do a quick search on the Gutenberg Editor plugin, you will see that...

It Has 1000's Of Negative Reviews

This is because even though it is listed as "newbie friendly" - there's a bit of a learning curve that you have to get over to understand it all.

But now it's not just a plugin...

It's Built Into The WordPress Dashboard By Default

Most likely you jumped in and thought - "this looks more complex – I want the old Classic Editor back!"

While - we'll show you how to get the old Classic Editor back - the purpose of this course is to walk you by the hand - literally - step by step - and click by click.

If you can watch and follow the mouse...

You'll Be A Pro At The End Of This Course

You'll find the editing experience to be much more enjoyable and productive once you get used to the WordPress Gutenberg Editor.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get In This Special PLR Offer

EZ WordPress Gutenberg
9 Part Video Course With Full PLR!

EZ WordPress Gutenberg - The Easy Way To Use WordPress Gutenberg

This Step-By-Step Video Series Reveals How You Can Get To Know The WordPress Gutenberg Editor The Easy Way!

You'll learn strategies you can use to fully understand all the aspects of the WordPress Gutenberg Editor, even if you're a complete newbie, and it won't even take up much of your time!

The best part is, all the videos are completely white labeled. There is no branding in the videos at all, which it makes it easy for you to customize them for your own brand!

Here's A Complete Breakdown Of This 9 Part Video Series:

Video 1: Introduction to Gutenberg and Why?

Let's talk a little about Gutenberg - the pros and cons. A bird's eye view of the course and how it is laid out. More importantly - what you need in order to get started.

Video 2: Quick Overview of User Interface

Before we jump straight in - it's important to give you a quick overview of the Gutenberg editor so you know what to expect and how we are breaking this down.

Video 3: Understanding the Types of Blocks

Let's talk about the different types of blocks before we discuss them in detail.

Video 4: Using the Sidebar

The sidebar for the Gutenberg editor is located to the right. In this video - we will discuss the different features and what’s available to you.

Video 5: Common Blocks

There's a category of blocks called Common Blocks. In this video - we will discuss the different features and what's available to you.

Video 6: Formatting Blocks

There's a category of blocks called Formatting Blocks. In this video - we will discuss the different features and what's available to you.

Video 7: Layout Elements

There's a category called Layout Elements. In this video - we will discuss the different features and what's available to you.

Video 8: Not Ready For Gutenberg?

Like many people - you may not be ready of Gutenberg. In fact if you do a search for it - you will find a huge amount of negative reviews. This is because of the learning curve. There are two ways for you to switch back to the old Classic Editor that you may be used to.

Video 9: More Editor Options

Besides the Gutenberg and Classic editor, there are more editor options available commercially. We'll discuss your options here and our favorite editor of all time.

Now Let's See What's Included In Your Exclusive PLR Package:

Unbranded PLR Videos

We do NOT put any branded intro screens on our videos, unlike other similar PLR videos. This means you don't have to do any extra work to rebrand the videos with your details. You can even instantly upload the video sets to your web server as is and start selling immediately!

Professional Sales Letter

Included is a professionally written sales letter so you can set up the mini site in minutes, and sell the package of videos using your own web server. All while keeping 100% of the profits!

Mini-Site Graphics Design

You'll also get a professional set of header, footer and product graphics which you can use along with the killer sales letter that's included. You also get the PSD's to these professional designer quality graphics!

Transcripts & Mp3's

Yes, you'll even get the original transcripts & mp3 audio files. This allows you to completely drill right down into the videos so you can edit them anyway you like. You'll easily get far more sales if you make them truly 100% unique to you and your brand!

This Is A True Done-For-You Private Label Rights Video Package That's Going To Sell Very Well For You!

This is completely authentic ready-to-go product that you can get sales for within the NEXT hour. Considering you've got everything you need at your fingertips - It's a true done-for-you product that can make you bank FAST.

That's a rare opportunity, and you need to dive in and grab it with both hands.

But if you're still not convinced yet, then here's...

20 Ways You Can Make Money From This PLR Package:
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As you can imagine, there are many other ways you can use this product as well. However I realize your time is limited and you'd like to get started making money with this product right away!

So, with all that said....

EZ WordPress Gutenberg - The Easy Way To Use WordPress Gutenberg

Grab This PLR Video Series Now And Learn How You Can Get To Know The WordPress Gutenberg Editor The Easy Way!

So you can get a much more enjoyable and productive editing experience, even if you're a complete newbie, and finally see the success you've always wanted to achieve!

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EZ WordPress Gutenberg - PLR Videos

EZ WordPress Gutenberg - PLR Videos

Jason Oickle

P.S. If you want to learn how to use the new WordPress Gutenberg Editor, but you don't know where to start, then this is the training course for you!

P.P.S. Have you tried other Gutenberg tutorials before and had little to no success? Unless you take drastic action right now, nothing is ever going to change. Don't wait any longer!

Everything taught here is all based on real experience - there's no theory or guesswork involved. You'll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to apply the techniques found in these videos!

Private Label Rights Terms and Conditions:


  • [YES] You Can Edit & Rebrand The Videos
  • [YES] Can Sell This Product
  • [YES] Can Sell the Resale Rights (If Rebranded)
  • [YES] Can Be Packaged with Other Paid Products
  • [YES] Can Be Offered as a Bonus to Paid Product
  • [YES] Can Be Added to Paid Membership or Training Sites
  • [YES] Can Put Your Name on the Sales Page


  • You CANNOT Sell Private Label Rights
  • You CANNOT Give Your Customers the Source Videos
  • You CANNOT Give the Transcripts
  • You CANNOT Offer in Firesales of More Than 5 Products
  • You CANNOT Offer in Dimesales
  • You CANNOT Give Away Videos for Free
  • You CANNOT Claim Original Copyright


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